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Turner's posing routines have always been his greatest strength and he has been an major influence on many other bodybuilders. He is the only competitor ever two win the Best Poser title twice at the Nationals. "You know, I pick out a song about a week or two before the show, then just put the routine together during the last week," he says. "It comes very natural to me. I listen to the song and can immediately see that moves that relate to that part of the music. "I've heard people talk about my posing, and NPC President Jim Manion has said that I'm the best poser in the world, and I take that as quite a compliment and quite an accomplishment, considering how many bodybuilders he must see each year."

"I've been entertaining ever since I was in Elementary school, in gymnastics meets and talent shows." But Papoose's talent extends beyond the posing platform. He starred in an independent film, Black & White, which was regional hit in the D.C. area. Next year you can catch him as a Tyson-like boxer in "the Contender", an HBO movie. An experience model, you can also see him in the Ebony Soul Calendar for 2003 -2004.

"I've wanted to be a pro (athlete) ever since I can remember. Some guys get their pro card and then they stop. They just wanted to get their card so they can open a gym. I want to do more than that. I want to compete." But Papoose recognizes the challenge in today's climate. "The judges won't look at you unless you're over 200 lbs. That's why a lot of the smaller guys have given up. That's why I admire guys like Lee Priest, Shawn Ray, and Lee Labrada."

Papoose is currently training for the 2003 pro contests.